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Closing Remarks

Q&A with WordPress Experts

Panel: Running an Open-Source Agency in Switzerland

Does WordPress speak your language?

WordPress speaks more than 100 languages. Many people don’t realise that that’s one of the main reasons of the software growing globally to power more than 24% of the web. This talk will shed a bit of light on who translates WordPress and how you, as a plugin or theme author, can grow your products following the example of the core software. You get to meet the largest WordPress contributor team – the Polyglots – 4000+ people who donate their time and effort to get WordPress to as many people and place as possible.

The Missing Link – Empowering WordPress with HTTPS

Offering HTTPS is beneficial for site owners and visitors alike. Whether you need to protect your admin credentials, or just to raise the search engine ranking of your site. You can do both with HTTPS! I will show the pitfals and how to make your site HTTPS compatible while giving developers some hints on the most common mistake when creating themes or plugins that prevent HTTPS.

Nurturing a cross-disciplinary professional culture

WordPress community – open-source development, ongoing discussion, meetings online and IRL make us perhaps the most cross-disciplined professionals in the field of web development. This talk is a look into cross-disciplinary habits and possibilities, it gives ideas how to better utilise them in business and personal professional development. This is definitely one of the huge advantages of WordPress community – discussion and conscious development of this trait is one of our success factors.

The “adopt a WordPress made by someone else” checklist

In our first year at comotive we’ve had a few experiences, where a company asked us to support and further develop their WordPress sites. But those weren’t small pages, but rather old and extensive sites and in one case (What I’ll talk about the most), a page of the swiss government, which was a very severe case. I’ve already learned a lot at blogwerk in the last four years and will talk about the caveats when you take over support for code that you didn’t write yourself. A soap opera in four acts: Slowness. Bugs. Support. Security.

From Banking to WordPress

Quitting banking to pursue web development and how WordPress has empowered that.

Working remotely as a WordPress Freelancer

A location independent life has combined my passion for travel and inspired my work. I’d like to share my lessons learned as a Digital Nomad, working remotely as a freelancer for clients. How I stay motivated, find community, and how you can live a location-independent lifestyle as well.

WordPress Related Posts by User Interaction

User interaction on post (social shares, time spend on post, etc) to calculate related posts to be shown.

Getting clear on the purpose of your content (and how I missed the mark)

Everything you publish–articles, media, Aunt Martha’s enchilada recipe–needs a purpose. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating content that falls flat and potentially gut-punches your site goals. During this session, we’ll go through my past mistakes a content creator, and how simple but powerful changes have helped to increase traffic, add loyal followers, and make reaching website objectives a whole lot easier. We’ll talk about the importance of getting clear on the purpose of your content. Concerned your content development strategy isn’t driving forward your SEO and social media efforts? Learn how to create content that gets results and packs a powerful thumbs-up.

Your website in not your business card.

In this talk, I’ll present what the only purpose of pretty much *every* website is: conversion. It’s not about what the owner thinks and want and it’s not done when it’s built. I’ll present many steps that a site owner can (has to?) take in order to maximise their website’s performance (in terms conversion). While this topic may seem like a useless one, I’ve discovered a suprising amount of webmasters that don’t even have basic Google Analytics installed, let alone any conversion tracking software.

The moment my site was hacked

You always think it will never happen to you but when it does, it’s all hands on deck. My personal site was almost hacked and since then I actively looked at what I could improve. During this talk I will talk what I had before and show all the improvements I made since then. It will be a mixed of using using the existing tools and my own creation in managing my sites.

Keynote – Lessons Learned from Leading a WordPress Release

WordPress 4.3 was the first time i led a WordPress release. I’ll go over the things that went well, the things that didn’t go well, and what I’d do differently next time around. From selecting features, to the controversy Menus in the Customizer caused, to working on the release video. Join me for a behind the scenes look into creating a WordPress release.

Opening Remarks